Since 2005, The Carideo Group has served as an independent Inspector of Elections to publicly-traded companies across the U.S., Canada and overseas.  We inspect meetings of all sizes and types – routine annual meetings, virtual meetings, hybrids and special meetings of shareholders. Our team of 15 seasoned inspectors are strategically located in Minnesota, New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Georgia.  Collectively we have inspected more than 1,600 meetings.

All our inspectors are equipped with a laptop and a portable printer, and thus have the capability of providing final, printed documents within minutes after a meeting has been concluded.

For issuers of publicly traded securities, the engagement of an independent inspector of Elections is one of the important hallmarks of a sound corporate governance framework.  In addition to a company’s proxy tabulator, inspectors of elections can provide helpful guidance on the proper treatment of shares voted at an annual or special meeting.  The inspector’s job is to determine the validity of those votes, whether cast by ballot or proxy card, or by a beneficial shareholder who owns his or her shares through a broker (in “street name”) or a registered shareholder, who holds their shares directly with a company and whose shares are usually maintained by the company’s transfer agent.