Corporate Election & Investor Services

Annual Reports

We have extensive experience in writing and designing annual reports. From initial theme development, through the drafting and publication process, we work closely with our clients to create a document that appropriately conveys their progress to their constituents. Our work in annual report production includes both print and online copy writing. We also work with our clients, designers and printers to ensure the final piece is completed on time and on budget.

Below is a small sample of our work, which crosses multiple industry segments:

*Design partner: Curran & Connors
** Design partner: MegPie Design

Special Projects

We can write for any project, including strategic plans and proxy statements. We will partner with other specialty firms – graphic and web designers, printers, etc. – to offer you a soup-to-nuts final product.

Web Development

While we don’t write the code, but we do write the content and offer our expertise in intuitive layout and design. We partner with some of the best web designers in the country to provide you a final product that will attract many viewers.

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